Sunday, January 24, 2010

Improving Blogger Search Engine Rankings

You may have heard of all the meta-tags that can help with your Google ranking. Of course there aren't any. But there are some tips and tricks that you can use to maximize your SEO.

One means by which Google and other Search Engines rank pages is by the use of the Heading Tag. Heading Tags There are 5 heading tags but only the H1 is truly meaningful in SEO searches.

For some reason Blogger Templates use either a H2 or H3 for the post title. So, assuming you are optimizing your post titles, you should change the Heading Tag associated with your post title to H1.

Go to Layout > Edit Layout and
do a search for "data:post:title" and change the H2, or H3 if you're using one of the Minima Templates, to H1.

Don't forget to change your style sheets. Do a search for H2 or H3 and change them to H1. Make certain you change only the ones with "post."

EDIT: May 6, 2010

I've been told that Google doesn't like it when there are more than one H1 per page. If that's true then changing H3s to H1 is not a good idea. I'm researching this to see if this is true.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is your site infected by malware?

A few sites I'm associate with have been infected with malware. It appears as if one of the site owner's FTP application was infected and all affiliated sites were infected with the same malware.

I was directed to and it seems to have a tremendous amount of information on just this problem.

From Hidden Iframes to Obfuscated Scripts
10 FTP Clients Malware Steals Credentials From

Thursday, January 14, 2010

People are only spending 0 seconds on my site

I'm often asked by clients who look through their Log Stats, such as Statcounter and Google Analytics, why people are "only spending 0 seconds" on their site. "How is it possible for so many people to spend less than a second on the site?" they ask.

"0 seconds" does not indicate that your visitor came to your site by mistake or spent only a fraction of a second there. It indicates that the visitor looked at only that one page. The analytics program can only measure time spent on your site if the visitor clicks on another page on your site.

While you need at least 2 points in time -- 2 pageloads -- to compute a visit length even that may not be completely accurate. AOL users, for example, will generate 0 second visits because their IP changes constantly.