Gilbert Midonnet

Gilbert Midonnet graduated with a degree in Art from The City College of New York and worked as a graphic artist in print media. While in Graduate school he fell in love with the web and started designing sites when Netscape came out, designing for 640x480 screens for 14.4 modems. Interested in usability design from the beginning, he took Tufte’s ideas and started applying them to user experience problems.

He has over fifteen years of design, coding, development, project management and Information Architecture experience working in boutique shops, dotcoms, financial and fashion companies.

• Strong interaction with business partners
• Able to discern business requirements from clients who are not able to fully articulate their vision and translate these needs for technical team
• Managed numerous projects simultaneously including enterprise-size projects
• Hired, mentored, and supervised technical teams.

Please go to LinkedIn to see an up-to-date resume.