Friday, September 4, 2009

Changing the Color Style in Blogger

I'm assuming you read the previous post and want more information in how to change the color of your links in Blogger.

Putting in color may seem a little strange at first. Although you can use color names such as red and blue it is better to get comfortable using hexadecimal notation.

Color is put together differently on a monitor than you might be used to with paint and canvas. Add Red, Green and Blue paint and you get mud. Add Red, Green and Blue light and you get white.

There are billions of color combinations, using names such as red, cherry-red, burgundy is not an option. Instead one describes the color using a number system. A hexadecimal notation system (16 numbers) is used.

One set of numbers was not enough so two numbers are used for each color. A notation of 00 means that no light of a particular color is used and FF means that a 100% is used.

To display black one uses no red, no green and and no blue: 000000

White is 100% red, 100% green and 100% blue: FFFFFF

You can see this in Blogger's LAYOUT > FONTS AND COLORS.

First step is to get comfortable in your site. Go to NEW POST, select the EDIT HTML tag and make a link as you usually do (type in some text and highlight it)

Afterwards you will have this : <a href="">Place Link Here</a> add style="color:#COLOR-CODE-GOES-HERE;" into the <a href> tag. If you want the color black the code is #000000; if you want red the color is #FF0000. You can experiment in the blogger LAYOUT > FONTS & COLORS section to get the color and color code you want.

If you wanted red the code would like this:

<a href="" style="color:#FF0000;">Place Link Here</a>

This is the code in action

This was the easiest of the three methods: place the entire style into the link. The problem with this method is that you have to do this each and everytime you post a link.

For more see Changing Color Style in Blogger Part II

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