Friday, September 9, 2011

QR Codes - Time For Apps to be Built

I think there is a huge demand for QR Codes. 14 million people in the US selected a QR Code in June, over 6% of the total mobile audience. That is a HUGE amount considering that as of yet there is little to no utility for the end user. As soon as utility improves QR Code usage will skyrocket. As of now it's simply a toy whose main appeal are to gadget lovers.

The study also found that these scanners were more likely to be men (60.5% of scanners) and aged 18 to 34 (53.4%) and have a household income of $100,000 or above (36.1%).
14m Americans scanned QR and bar codes with their mobiles in June 2011

It's been two plus years since they've hit the market - the only question that exists is: how long before QR Codes EXPLODE on the market?

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