Saturday, May 26, 2012

Anonymous Posting

There has been some talk lately about eliminating anonymous posting. I find this argument too repulsive to behold. But the proponents of such legislation are correct to some degree - people are hurting others by posing as other people. This needs to be stopped. There are laws in place but this needs to be addressed carefully. I don't want these actions to be automatically treated as criminal behavior but posing as others cannot be considered acceptable. As for example this case in Arizona:
When he finally confessed to creating a fake porn profile for his son's assistant principal, Robert Dale Esparza Jr. of Gilbert, Arizona, "sort of laughed," says Dennis Ogorchock, a detective with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Computer Crimes Unit. But soon, Esparza may be laughing from a jail cell. Last year, Esparza created the profile of Frank Hendricsen, assistant principal of Gateway Pointe Elementary School, where his son attended, using the faculty member's full name and photos as a revenge prank, the detective told in a phone interview.
Dad busted for fake porn profile of kid's principal

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