Thursday, February 3, 2011

Women Equal Problems

Just found the above joke at

Nitecruzr is a regular at the Google Help Forums.

Oh, and please don't parse it too closely, it doesn't hold careful scrutiny - but it is funny.


  1. Maybe it's because I'm not a geek but where is it wrong?

  2. The very first comment says: "To find a woman you need Time and Money." Assuming that that statement is true in and of itself - and this is important as everything that follows is deduced from this one proposition the laid out example is still wrong.

    It should be Woman = Time + Money. Not Woman = Time * Money.

    And even that is incorrect. It's not that a woman is Time * Money but that FINDING A WOMAN is time * money.

    Another problem is that the statement "Woman=Times*Money", in this example, implies that there aren't other factors in finding a woman, or if they are they are insignificant compared the factors Time and Money.

    Finally we haven't ascertained if Woman pertains to all women, most women or some women. Meaning, are there any women to which this statement doesn't hold true. For example, when we look at a statistical analysis we don't take the resultant as a hard and fact TRUTH. It's understood that, at best, it holds true for, say 95% of the time, and even then there is a little play.

    Of course a joke is not meant to be parsed so closely.

  3. Wow. you must be a geek to come up with that answer.